ALLTECH Recycle & Reuse Center

is a place to find and donate gently used assistive equipment. 

In addition to durable medical equipment we are available to provide consultation and training on a variety of tools that support access to learning and communication.

bath seat

This program can assist you or a family member if there is no insurance, you have reached your insurance cap for this type of equipment, or if you simply wish to purchase extra equipment.  We discovered that there is a plethora of usable, durable medical equipment going to waste in basements and closets of homes and facilities throughout Maine. Why let rust and become unusable to someone in need?

Walker with wheels

We'll take it. We'll get it back into good, working order. We'll clean and sanitize it. And we'll make it available to consumers at a much reduced cost.

ALLTECH Recycle & Reuse will accept donations of “gently used” equipment such as manual wheelchairs, tub seats and safety accessories, standers, portable wheelchair ramps, walkers, etc.  The equipment will then be sanitized and restored to good working condition and made available for a nominal service fee, many times a savings of 50-80% of the cost of new equipment. Donors of equipment should contact ALLTECH to discuss the criteria for acceptable equipment and arrangements for transfer.  Donors will also receive a letter of donation suitable for tax purposes. 

In our growing inventory we have treasures such as a stair glide system, which enables those in need of a lift to travel up the stairs. We have a sip and puff wheelchair, along with many other items that are in fine shape and useful. Standers - both prone and supine, a large variety of walkers, shower benches, commodes and a large inventory of various adjustable chairs by Rifton and Leckey.


Our inventory is growing at a rapid pace thanks to donors-both individual and professional. As our inventory grows the opportunity to assist a larger population of Maine's citizens grow with it.


The following is a list of equipment that is currently for sale in our Recycle & Reuse program. This list is generic in nature due to the variety of donations ALLTECH receives from consumers throughout Maine and New England. Please contact ALLTECH for specific information about the items or stop by our Center at the Airport Mall in Bangor, Maine at 1129 Union Street. We'd be delighted to meet you!

Communication Aids


Adaptive Devices and Switches

Adult Folding Walker

Geriatric Equipment

Adult Rolling Walker

Adult Stationary Walker

Adult Roll./Folding Walker

Battery Charger




Child Folding Walker

Child Rolling Walker

Car Seat

Child Stationary Walker

Child Rolling/Folding Walker

Elevated Toilet Seat

Walker: Adult Rollator

Pediatric Gait Trainer

Hospital Bed Accessories

Hospital Bed


Grab Bar

Home Health Equipment

Home Health Supplies

Home Patient Lift Accessories

Home Patient lift

Home Transfer Aid

Tub Transfer Bench

Bath Chair

Toilet Safety Frame

Pediatric Corner Chair

Positioning/Seating Devices

Pediatric Prone Stander

Stander Accessories

Pediatric Supine Stander

Outside Items For Repair

Fitness Equipment

Pediatric Rollator

Adult Rollator


Stair Lift

Van Lift

Wheel Chair back

Wheel chair Cushions

Gait Trainer

Wheel Chair Accessories

Adult Manual Wheelchair

Child manual Wheelchair

Adult Power Wheelchair

Child Power Wheelchair


Adult Transport Wheelchair