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Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology & AAC Demo & Loaner Program

Technological advances have made remarkable improvements in the financial, employment, educational, social, and day-to-day living aspects of all individuals, including those with disabilities. Technology increases efficiency and makes many tasks easier. It is a powerful force in the shaping of lives. Assistive technology can ensure that individuals with a wide range of abilities can have meaningful access, be productive citizens, and participate in education, activities of daily living, and recreation and leisure.

Assistive technology is defined as "any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially off-the-shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities." By law, educational teams that meet to plan a student's Individualized Education Program (IEP) must consider assistive technology.

Assistive technology includes voice recorders, personal electronic organizers, augmentative communication devices, speech recognition software, voice output software, screen readers, onscreen calculators that provide voice output, various input devices, such as adapted keyboards and switches, and specially adapted computers.

ALLTech AT Demonstration & Loaner Program is funded in part by Maine CITE.  The Maine CITE Coordinating Center is the statewide program designed to help make assistive and universally designed technology more available to Maine children and adults who have disabilities.

Recognizing that assistive technology abandonment is a problem ALLTech offers consumers the opportunity to "try before they buy." Our AT Demo/Loaner program offers consumers device trials and demonstrations at no cost.

Contact ALLTech if there is something you’d like to trial that may not be on our list. We may be able to assist!

Another great resource for assistive technology equipment is the New England online classified service for recycled Assistive Technology. Check it out at

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4 Frame Talker Memory Device
Ability Switch Tester Switch
AbleLink Little Mac AAC
AbleLink Step By Step AAC
AbleNet Power Link 3 Access
Adjustable Head Pointer Access
Adjustable Pressure Pinch Switch Switch
Air Cushion Switch Switch
All Around The Busy Town Interactive Story
AlphaSmart 3000 Portable word processor
AlphaSmart NEO Portable word processor
Articulating arm rest Ergonomics
Bass Switch Switch
Big KeysPlus QWERTY Computer Access
BigKeys ABC Computer Access
BigKeys KeyGuard Computer Access
BigKeys LX ABC Computer Access
BigKeys Plus Keyguard Computer Access
BigMac AAC
Blue Buddy Button Switch
Blue Jellybean Switch Switch
Bubble blower switch operator module Switch adapted toy
Button Click Switch Switch
Chattervox Pro Amplification
Cheap Talk #4 Combo Direct Plus Scan AAC
Chin Switch Switch
Chin Switch Switch
Chipper AAC
Cirque Easy Cat Touchpad Access
Cirque Smart Cat Pro Access
Cirque Smart Cat Touchpad Access
Classmate Reader Accessible Text
Crick USB Switch Box Access
DeltaTalker AAC
Dynavox 3100 AAC
Dynavox AccessIT Access
DynaWrite AAC
Expert Mouse Trackball Computer Access
Eyebrow Switch Switch
FL4SH Deluxe Kit AAC
Franklin Language Master Learning Aid
Franklin Speaking Dictionary and Thesaurus Learning Aid
Free Hand ECU with Transceiver Module ECU
FreeSwitch Wireless ECU
FreeSwitch Wireless ECU
FrogPad Lefty Computer Access
FrogPad Righty Computer Access
GEWA Joystick Controller for Page Turner Page Turner
GEWA Page Turner BLV-6D Page Turner
GEWA Safe Laser Pointer Access
GEWA Scanning Controller for Page Turner Page Turner
Go Talk Buttons AAC
Go Talk Buttons AAC
Go Talk Buttons AAC
Go Talk Buttons AAC
Go Talk Buttons AAC
Goldilocks & The Three Bears Interactive Story
Grasp Switch Switch
Green Jellybean Switch Switch
Green Jellybean Switch Switch
Green Medium Pal Pad Switch
Green Pillow Switch Switch
Grip/Puff Switch Box w/variety grips Switch
GUS HP Pocket Communicator AAC
Handbook of Adapted Switches and AAC Devices Book
Happy Birthday to Me Interactive Story
HappyFace Switch Switch
HeadMaster Remote Adapter Access
HeadMouse Access
Heavy Duty Utensil Holder Computer Access
Heavy Duty Utensil Holder Computer Access
Here and There and Everywhere Interactive Story
Hip Talk 16 AAC
I'm A Little Teapot Song Board AAC
IntelliKeys Keyboard
IntelliKeys Keyboard
IntelliKeys Keyboard
IntelliKeys Keyboard
IntelliKeys USB Computer Access
IntelliSwitch Switch interface
IST InfraRed Sensor Switch
IST Switch Box Switch
IST Touch Sensor Switch Switch
IST Voice Sensor Switch
Jack & The Beanstalk Interactive Story
Joystick with Pad Joystick
Kensington Orbit Trackball Computer Access
Kensington Orbit Trackball Computer Access
Kensington TurboBall Access
KidTrack trackball Trackball
Kinesis Advantage Keyboard Keyboard
Kinesis Maxim Split Keyboard Keyboard
Large Switch Adapted Universal Remote Control ECU
Laser Mouse Computer Access
Leaf Switch Switch
LeapFrog Phonics Learning Desk Learning Aid
LeapPad Plus Learning Learning Aid
Left handed AlphaSmart Portable word processor
LEO (Language ECU in One) AAC
Lets Get Ready for School Interactive Story
Liberty Color Portable CCTV
Life Breath Switch Switch
Life Breath Switch Module Switch Interface
LightWriter SL87 AAC
Little Chin Switch Switch
Little Fingers Keyboard Keyboard
Little Fingers KeyGuard Keyguard
Logitech Cordless Trackball with USB hub Computer Access
Logitech Marblemouse Access
Logitech Marblemouse Access
Logitech Wireless trackball with Infrared USB attachement Computer Access
Matias Half QWERTY keyboard Keyboard
Message Mate 20 AAC
Microlight Switch Switch
Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keybaord 4000 Computer Access
Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 Computer Access
Microsoft Trackball Explorer Access
Mighty Mo AAC
Mini Joystick Joystick
Mini Relax ECU Access
Mini Transceiver X10 Module ECU
More Keyboard Computer Access
Motion Computer Keyboard Computer Access
MotionPad Memory Device
Mouse Mover Switch interface
Multisensory Motivational Center Switch adapted toy
NOHANDS Mouse Access
NOHANDS Mouse Access
Old McDonalds Farm Interactive Story
One For All TV Control Device ECU
One Handed in a Two Handed World Book
OptiCommunicator MAXX AAC
Orange Medium Wireless Pal Pad Switch
Orbit Optical Trackball Computer Access
Paint & Swirl Switch adapted toy
PECS Training Manual AAC
PhoneIT Access
Pillow board Switch Switch
Pillow board Switch Switch
Plantronics CS50 USB Bluetooth Headset Computer Access
Plate Switch Switch
Pocketalker Ultra Amplification
Pouring Cup on flex mount Switch adapted toy
Powerhouse x10 Transceiver Module ECU
Proloquo2Go AAC
Pulse Pen Accessible Text
Randomizer AAC
Red Dot Membrane Switch Switch
Red Jellybean Switch Switch
Red Large Pal Pad Switch
Roller II Trackball Trackball
Roller Joystick with Keyguard Joystick
Roller ll Trackball Trackball
SAM Joystick Joystick
SAM Joystick Joystick
SCATIR Eyeglass Mount Sensor Switch Switch
SCATIR Gooseneck Sensor Switch Switch
SCATIR Standard Cable Sensor Switch Switch
SCATIR Switch Switch
Sip & Puff Switch Switch
Slim Armstrong Access
Slip on Typing/Keyboading Aid Computer Access
Slip on Typing/Keyboading Aid Computer Access
SmartNAV Access
Springboard AAC
Step by Step Communicator AAC
Step by Step with Levels AAC
StepPAD Memory Device
Switch adapted AM/FM Radio Switch adapted toy
Switch adapted bubble blower Switch adapted toy
Switch adapted Bunny Switch adapted toy
Switch adapted CD player Switch adapted toy
Switch adapted cow Switch adapted toy
Switch adapted Pony Switch adapted toy
Switch Interface Switch interface
Switch Interface Switch interface
Switch Interface Switch interface
Switch Interface Pro Switch interface
Switch Interface Pro Switch Interface
Switch Interface Pro Switch Interface
Switch Latch & Timer ECU
Talking Picture Frame Memory Device
Tech/Speak 32 AAC
The Book of Possibilities Elementary Edition Book
The Book of Possibilities Secondary Edition Book
The Buddy Board AAC
The Gingerbread Man Interactive Story
The Picture Communication Symbols Comm. Book Book
Three Little Pigs Interactive Story
Timepad Memory Device
Timex IRONMAN* Triathlon� Data Link� USB Watch Memory Aid
Tip Switch Switch
TipSwitch Switch
TouchFree Switch Switch
TouchWindow Touch screen
Trackball FingerMouse Access
Tracker One Access
Transceiver Module ECU
Transceiver X10 ECU
Twitch Switch Switch
Twitch Switch Box Switch
Ultimate Wobble Switch w/19" gooseneck Switch
Ultimate Wobble Switch w/19" gooseneck Switch
Ultimate Wobble Switch w/19" gooseneck Switch
Untouchable Buddy Switch Switch
Using AT to Meet Literacy Standards Book
Vantage AAC
Vantage Plus AAC
Victore Reader Accessible Text
Voice Activated Switch Switch
Wheels on the Bus Interactive Story
Wireless Ultimate Switch Switch
Wireless Ultimate Switch w/19" gooseneck Switch
Wisp Cheek Switch Switch
Wisp Receiver Switch
Wisp Sip/puff Switch
Wisp Transmitter Switch
WowPen Mouse Computer Access
Writing Bird Access
Yellow Jellybean Switch Switch
Yellow Small Pal Pad Switch
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