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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

Technology is used to manage finances, access education and training, stay informed, and maintain involvement in the community. At ALLTech, we help individuals and organizations identify, acquire, and implement assistive technology that improves everyday living. We serve children, youth, and adults with a range of abilities, including cognitive, communication, motor, and vision. We work collaboratively with educators, families, individuals, and employers to promote access and meaningful participation in all environments.

Our expert staff are credentialed as Assistive Technology Professionals by the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA). ALLTech's structured assessment process gives educational teams, family members, individuals, and employers accurate information and the opportunity to establish mutual goals and agree upon a practical implementation plan. We carefully consider each individual's strengths, specific goals, and tasks, as well as the environment in which they are to be accomplished, before recommending any technology solutions.

An ALLTech assistive technology assessment is a multi-step process:

  • An inquiry is made, and related information is provided by an individual who has a disability, parents or family members, service providers, educators, or a vocational rehabilitation counselor.
  • The ALLTech assessment team reviews all information.
  • One or more appointments are arranged to meet with the individual and student/consumer support team in order to gain additional information. The meeting takes place in the environment where the technology will be implemented (school/home/work).
  • ALLTech consultant(s) observe the individual in his/her natural environments.
  • Device and/or software trials are conducted.
  • ALLTech develops a detailed report with recommendations and resources. 
  • With the IEP Team's permission, ALLTech monitors assessment outcomes.


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