ALLTECH program:

Where Technology is About People!


ALLTECH’s program mission is to identify and provide technology solutions to the educational, daily living, communication, and workplace challenges experienced by people of all ages and abilities. ALLTECH program  promotes the use of technology that enables individuals to lead full and independent lives.


ALLTECH program provides face-to-face and virtual consultations, assessments, professional development, and technical assistance to support the development of knowledge and skills for individuals who have disabilities, their families and educators, service providers, employers and health/disability-related agencies. Our unique and comprehensive array of services is surpassed only by our passionate commitment to providing quality support in the following areas:

ALLTECH program serves individuals with a wide range of disabilities including persons who have cognitive, communication, motor, and vision challenges. We can come to you directly or virtually, as ALLTECH program staff are skilled in distance technologies and can provide some services remotely. We provide high quality and timely professional services.

Our unique and comprehensive array of services, training, and research is surpassed only by our passionate commitment to developing a knowledgeable citizenry, educated workforce and improved quality of life.